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EyeScream - Girls Bravo Second Season Trading Figure a sorpresa

EyeScream - Girls Bravo Second Season Trading Figure a sorpresa 

Prodotto Sigillato, personaggio a sorpresa (Per set completo mandare un messaggio).


9,00 €
7,00 € Risparmia 2,00 €
Tasse incluse Spedizione entro 3 giorni lavorativi

Pagamenti sicuri al 100%
  • There are 10 kinds of figure models and 5 secret version models.
    Copyright Mario Kaneda / Kadokawa Shoten / Girls Bravo Production Committee

  • Bring home a whole pile of girls! The cute girls of the Girls Bravo PVC Trading Figure Display Box will make any guy weak in the knees! The assortment of 10 highly detailed, individually packaged 5-inch trading figures features these randomly assorted characters: Miharu, Kirie, Lisa, Koyomi and Tomoka (Subject to change. Display pack not guaranteed to include all characters or variants). Not one or two, but five aliens cuties will take over your shelves very soon. Make sure to make room for them! 

    The Girls Bravo Trading Figures are from the comedy and romance manga and anime series Girls Bravo," created by Mario Kaneda. This harem series features a young male student named Yukinari Sasaki who is teased and bullied by girls to the point of breaking out in hives whenever he comes into contact with them. One day, when he comes back from school, he falls in the bathtub and gets transported to Seiren, a mysterious world with an almost entirely female population. Fans of this series definitely get their full of fanservice.

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